There are numerous ways to connect with the Centre for Distance Learning, Obafemi Awolowo University. In order to serve you best, please note that our support team is available from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm (WAT). All inquires will be responded to in one business day.

Prospective Student

Current Students

Is the programme accredited?

Yes, the programme is fully accredited by the National Universities Commissions (NUC).

How do I enroll for admission?

Once you pay and registered for all the courses, make sure you go to class from SIS portal then you will be able to see your courses

What grade/grade point (GP)/class is required to gain admission?

Please check the admission requirements on the website.

How is the program run?

Lectures and other assessments like assignments, fora and quizzes are taken online using the learning portal. Student’s have e-tutors assigned to them for each of the courses who will engage them in discussions, give them assignments or quizzes and grade student’s submissions.

How much is the school fees?

Please check the fee tab on this website for the tuition per course.

I signed up on the application portal but did not receive a notification email.

Contact the support team via call 07046396602, 07046396603, 01 700893 or email (

Will it be indicated on my certificate that I attended an online program?

No, you will be given the same certificate as the on-campus students

Is the online degree program a second choice compared to the campus-based degree?

No, the online degree program provides the same quality of education as the campus-based degree programs

How will the courses be taught?

Courses are available in video formats and notes are in PDF format.

How do I login to the e-Learning portal?

You are to log in with the username sent to you during screening exercise and your password

Would I always need internet connection to access content?

No, students can access their contents offline using the vigilearn app

I can't login 'Your request failed to complete...' ERROR MESSAGE.

If you are seeing the ‘Your request failed to complete. Authentication failed. Please try again’ error message when trying to log in please close down all browsers windows and tabs and then try logging in again. If you are still unable to log in please try to Clear your browser cookies then try logging in again. If this is unsuccessful then restart your computer and then try logging in again.

I forgot my username, how can I retrieve my account information?

You can also contact the Portal Administrator at the email address of or by phone at Call: 07046396602, 07046396603
Whatsapp: 08187056931

Can I change my username?

Username cannot be changed

I forgot my password to the application portal

Click on forgot password and a new link to reset your password will be sent to your mail

How are we accessed?

Student’s submissions for assignments, quizzes or forums are graded by the e-tutor and the graded scores are inputted into the student’s grade book. The grade book can be accessed by the students on the learning portal.

Error 404, what do I do?

404 means the page you are trying to find could not be found, kindly check if the URL is typed correctly.

Why can't I pay using Visa card?

Because visa card has not been integrated yet